Switch to Longer Format EC2 Resource IDs

Today I’ve received an email about Switch to Longer Format EC2 Resource IDs from AWS.

Starting July 2018, Amazon EC2 is migrating to longer format resource IDs to support the ongoing growth of Amazon Web Services, as announced back in December 2017. To receive longer IDs today, you can click on Switch to longer IDs in the AWS Management Console or use the APIs.

Systems that parse or store resource IDs may not work with longer IDs. We strongly recommend that you test your systems’ interoperability with longer IDs. On July 30, 2018, we will begin the transition to longer format IDs for all new resources. You can track the exact date when your account will be moved to longer format IDs using the AWS CLI describe-id-format or in the advanced section of the Resource ID length management page in the EC2 Management Console. The transition date will vary by region. After August 17, 2018, all new resources will receive longer IDs, regardless of your opt-in status or region. We will continue to support shorter IDs for existing resources.

Please click the following link to change EC2 Longer ID’s settings;

Switch to longer IDs »

What’s Resource IDs

When resources are created, we assign each resource a unique resource ID. You can use resource IDs to find your resources in the Amazon EC2 console.

Use this page to manage your opt-in status for longer resource IDs. To opt in to receiving longer IDs, check the applicable box(es) below. The longer ID format will only apply to newly launched resources. To opt out of receiving longer IDs, uncheck the applicable box(es) below.

Then clicking “Switch to londer IDs”

Click to;

“Yes, switch to longer IDs”

After changed this setting I’ve created new EC2 instance that you can see below instance ID’s

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